Vogue Pattern Haul

Strolling through my local Joann’s, I saw they had Vogue patterns on sale. I did not want to get carried away as I had just purchased quite a few McCall’s patterns two weeks ago. I left out of the store with three of the four Vogue patterns I had my eye on.

Vogue 9021

Vogue 9021- View A caught my eye. Not sure if it is because it is a red dress, or the sleeves, but it is something about this dress. I ordered an eggplant rayon fabric to make this dress. Depending on how I like it, I may make it in black or a red like it is styled on the cover.

Vogue 8825

Vogue 8825 – This is a very easy pattern, and I am love with View B. I will make this dress with a red double knit fabric that I have in my fabric stash. I ordered a hunter green knit spandex blend

Vogue 9109

Vogue 9109- This is a very simple shirt pattern, but I am always on the look for a nice soft top. I will make view A out of a few rayon fabrics. This look will work well with skirts and dress up jeans nicely.

Let me know if you have any of these patterns, and how did you like sewing them.

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