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Make Nine Challenge

I came across a sewing challenge on Instagram called Make Nine Challenge. I saw some of the older post from 2018, and thought this would be a great challenge to update my wardrobe. One of my personal challenges is to dress a bit more feminine, so what a perfect opportunity to start creating.

I am an entrepreneur who mostly works at home. This lifestyle is great, however, I believe I have become extra comfortable in comfort clothes. My daily wardrobe consist mostly of workout leggings, jogging pants, and workout sleeveless shirts. I have a few pairs of jeans that fit nicely. I looked up one day and said…what happened to the feminine Drea’. I used to rock some of the cutest self made dresses and suits. So I picked out nine of my favorite dress patterns, and decided to join this challenge. Here are my nine picks for the challenge.

Vouge 9021

Vogue 9021. I love this dress. I really think the color has a lot to do with it. The sleeves are very feminine and this will be a quick and easy sew. I will make this out of red peach skin fabric.

Vogue 8825

Vogue 8825. I love view of this pattern. This dress is a nice comfortable pull on dress knit dress. I already have a hunter green textured double knit spandex fabric to make this garment. The poufy sleeves are a nice feminine touch.

Simplicity 8084

Simplicity 8084 – I love this Mimi G shirt dress. I like the feminine flow of this view. I am undecided on the fabric for this dress. However, I am leaning towards a bright yellow flowy fabric.

Simplicity 8834

Simplicity 8834 – I love the simplicity of this dress. The front tie is really cute and adds to the style of this dress. I am making this dress out of a blue and white chevron challis fabric.

Simplicity 8787

Simplicity 8787 – I actually prefer the sleeveless version of this dress. I think this dress is very feminine and sexy. I have a rusty red stretch knit fabric for this dress already. I cannot wait to get this garment made.

McCall’s 7863 – If you have read any of my blog post, then you already know how much I love shirt dresses. This shirt dress is one of the most feminine patterns I have found. I love the gathered details along the buttons at the bottom as well as the form fitting skirt. I have not decided on a fabric for this dress as well.

McCall’s 7632 – While this isn’t a dress, it is still very feminine. This jumpsuit will be a perfect piece for the warm weather her in New Orleans. I have a burnt orange heavier rayon fabric for this and will get started on it before spring arrives.

McCall’s 6743 – I was so excited when I found this pattern. This is actually an out of print pattern, but I scored one on Etsy a week ago. There is a dress that I wanted from New York and Company that is made exactly like this…priced at $89. I refused to pay that price for it, and when it finally went on clearance for $22, it sold out. I do not have any fabric for this dress yet but I am leaning on a flowy print.


McCall’s 6891– I cannot say this enough times, but I love shirt dresses. This dress is cute with the half circle bottom. I will make this dress a few times, but for the challenge I will use a red Ankara print that I have had in my stash for a few years. The vibrant colors are just enough to give this simple dress some flare.

If you have made any of these garments or have any fabric suggestions for the looks, please comment with recommendations. I can’t wait to show off these new pieces.

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