McCall's 7912 Wool Herringbone Jacket

D.I.Y. Wool Herringbone Jacket with McCall’s 7912

So, I finished my first sew your view sew along. I made a cute wool herringbone jacket with McCall’s 7912. I used a wool herringbone fabric from my stash. The jacket came out great, and was a really easy project.

McCall's 7912 Wool Herringbone Jacket

I cut my jacket out on the size large. The fit is loose and comfortable. The sleeves hang off of the shoulders slightly, but that is in the design of the jacket. Overall I am pleased with my wool herringbone jacket, but the inside is very rough. Because of the wool fabric that I used, I think lining would be a nice addition. There is a fabric sash that closes the jacket is really cute.

Wool Herringbone Jacket McCall's 7912

I only made one modification to the jacket. The instructions call for the sleeves to be sewn onto the jacket, then to close the side seams with the sleeve. I hate the way the finished armpit section looks when sewn this way. Instead, I sewed up the side hems and sleeves separately. This allowed me to insert the sleeves into the arm holes/ In my opinion, and inset sleeve gives a more professional look to the garment as well as moves better with your body.

McCall's 7912 Wool Herringbone Jacket

Overall, I like the jacket. It pairs great with a pair of jeans, or dressed up with a nice pair of slacks for work. Not so sure if I will not make this one again, as I am not thrilled with the design. Maybe I will try the sleeveless option to wear as a light weight cardigan style jacket. One of the features I love about this jacket is the large front pockets. This will be very helpful to me if worn while I am working. I always need pockets to hold my phone so I can listen to a podcast in my headphones.

I recommend this pattern to anyone, especially a beginner sewist as the instructions are super easy, and there are not many pieces involved. As I stated before, this jacket is very easy to make. This would be a great pattern for someone who wanted to start making jackets.

Wool herringbone Jacket
Wool Herringbone Jacket
Wool herringbone jacket McCall's' 7912

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