DIY Gold Studded Makeup Bag

I love the look of natural makeup. While I am no makeup expert, I decided to step outside of my zone and pick up a few items to add to my bare bone collection. I must admit, I do enjoy watching makeup tutorials and reviews by a few of the beauty influencers on Youtube. They have given me the courage to try a few new items. It is always great to see how they mix and blend colors.

diy makeup bag

With the addition of my new purchases, I quickly realized this was becoming a mess on my bathroom counter. I needed a solution that was functional, and one that I would like to look at. While shopping, I was turned off by the makeup cases and bags in the stores. I decided I would just make one. For this bag I used Wool and Flax super easy diy zipper pouch tutorial and a few fabric scraps that I had lying around. The results are this super cute gold studded make up back.

diy gold studded makeup bag

With this tutorial, the only thing I needed to purchase was a 9″ jean zipper. My fabric was a heavyweight black canvas with gold studs on it. My lining was some leftover linen blend fabric from a past project. As the tutorial promises, the bag was finished in less than thirty minutes. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I am already thinking of more ways I can use this tutorial for future bags.

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