McCalls 7906

Button Front Pleated Skirt with McCall’s 7906

This month’s sew your view on Instagram is a button front pleated skirt. I must admit, I was not excited when I saw this pattern. Pleated skirts are not my favorite style as they remind me heavily of school uniform skirts. Uniforms were not mandatory for me in until I was in high school. We had to wear a plaid pleated skirt, and the very first modification I did was hem it above my knees.

Button front Pleated Skirt McCall's 7906

Finding Inspiration

I love the participation of sew your view and even more I love to see the different variations that are created with each pattern. So I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration to push me to create this skirt. I went to Joann’s Fabrics three different times and purchased three different fabrics for this skirt. I was desperate to make a piece that I would actually want wear. Finally, I decided on this purple suiting fabric to give the skirt a more professional look. My husband actually picked out the fabric and said he thought it would be nice.

McCall's 7906

The pattern used is McCall’s 7906, which is a button front pleated skirt. There are few length variations. There is also belt loop options. My first thought was to make view A, but decided it was just a bit short. The pattern is described as a very full pleated skirt which is to be worn 2″ above the waist. There is the option for a short above the knee, at the knee, and longer below the knee, as well as optional belt loops and sash. I made View B which falls right at the knee.

My version of the skirt

Button Front Pleated Skirt McCall's 7906

This was a very easy sew, and took roughly an hour from start to finish. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. The most difficult thing I ran into was finding buttons that I wanted to pair with the purple fabric. I ended up using some dark brown buttons, as it was impossible to find any nice purple buttons. No modifications were made to the pattern. The only modification I made to the instructions was to hem my skirt with a blind hem machine, versus the machine stitched instructions. The blind hem leaves a more professional finish than a machine stitch hem in my opinion, and this suited the style I wanted to achieve with my skirt.

McCall's 7906 Button Front Pleated Skirt

I styled the skirt with some black wedge sandals that I picked up from Ross Dress for Less, and a black rayon button down shirt that was purchased from Old Navy two years ago. The skirt came out much better than I imagined it would. Looking through my closet, I could definitely add more skirts to my collection. My me-made collection is mostly dresses. I am considering making it again with a plaid suiting fabric. In addition, I will be on the look out for more cute figure flattering skirt patterns.

McCall's 7906
Button Front Pleated Skirt -McCalls 7906

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