2019 First Quarter Makes

This month has been extremely busy, and I looked up to realize April is over halfway finished. So I wanted to stop in and make a quick blog post and show a recap of my first quarter makes for 2019. I had a great start for the year so far, and have made a total of 10 pieces. Let’s take a look.

McCalls 7899
100% Linen Top Using McCall’s 7899

First Quarter make, Abstract Print dress
Ankara Shirt Dress Using McCall’s 6891
Abstract Dress using Vogue 9021
Abstract Print Dress using Vouge 9021
Vogue 8825
Knit Dress using Vogue 8825
Vogue 9021
Valentine’s Day Dress using Vogue 9021
Butterick 5559
Knit Dress with Butterick 5559
McCalls 7912
Wool Herringbone Jacket using McCall’s 7912
First Quarter Make McCall's 7727
High Low Tunic using McCall’s 7727
McCalls 7906
Pleated Button Front Skirt using McCall’s 7906
First Quarter Make Simplicity 8512
Ankara Top Using Simplicity 8512

Looking through all of these photos I have learned a few things. One, I am improving on taking my photos. I was very shy about this, and really have a difficult time smiling for pictures. Also, I am happy to see that I am venturing out with more colorful pieces. My wardrobe was very drab, with neutrals. These pops of color are a definite improvement for me.

I am so excited about looking at these pictures. I had no idea my first quarter makes would entail this many pieces. Also, I am looking forward to seeing how much I will make for the next three months. I already have two makes which will be up on the blog next week!

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