Scuba Knit Dress

Animal Print Scuba Knit Dress

Who does not love animal prints? I have always been a fan of animal prints, and have used the fabric from clothes to throw pillows. This particular print is a scuba crepe fabric and is amazing. This is my first time working with scuba knit and am pleasantly surprised about how well it sews. The stretch of the fabric is nice and firm. Imagine a knit that does not need Spanx for support. This is how I would describe this fabric, and I am loving it.

Scuba Knit Dress

With such a stable knit, I thought why not make a scuba knit dress. It would be a perfect time to try the Camelia dress from Designer Stitch. This dress is described as a draped jersey dress that is flattering for all body types. I do agree, as the lines of this dress enhance my figure for sure. I am not so sure if I would make this dress with a lighter weight knit. However, I have seen many of the tester versions of this dress and they all look absolutely amazing.

Sewing Recommendations

As with sewing any knits, I have my sewing recommendations. I either use a stretch thread in the bobbin for my straight stitch sewing machine. Alternatively, I would use a regular thread on my home sewing machine. When using this method, switch to a zig zag stitch and change the stitch width to 2.0. I find this to be just a wide enough stitch to allow stretching, but small enough to not look like it was sewn with a zig zag stitch. For topstitching, I always use a straight stitch. I also switch to my walking foot when sewing knits on my home machine. The last method for sewing knits I would recommend is using a serger. However, I would use stretch thread in the lower looper.

Adjustments and Recommendations

Constructing the dress was very easy. There are just a few pattern pieces to deal with. The only things you need are your machine and matching thread. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. I made no adjustments to the pattern. The one recommendation I would make is to transfer all of the pleat markings and notches to ensure the front bodice is wrapped perfectly and lines up with the back of the dress. If the pleats are off, this will affect the finishing layout of the front of the dress. As with all my knits, I finished off my hem with a cover stitch machine. This gives the dress with a professional finish that I just adore.

Scuba Knit Dress

I love this animal print scuba knit dress. It is so flattering, and I have received so many compliments wearing it. This dress is the perfect pattern if you are planning a special date night dress. Furthermore, you can use this pattern in a jersey knit fabric and pair it with a blazer and it is office ready.

Scuba Knit
Animal Print Dress

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