Cropped Knit Hoodie

Cropped Knit Hoodie

It was my first time testing for Chalk and Notch, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I tested the Page hoodie, which is a cropped knit hoodie made from knit fabrics. At first, I did not think I would like the style, as I have not worn a cropped top since having my second child. However, after completing it, I could not be happier with the style and the fit. There are a few options for this pattern. You can get full sleeves, slim sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, as well as banded bottom or drawstring hem.

Cropped Knit Hoodie

Fabric Selection

The pattern calls for a knit, and I have plenty in my stash. I made this version with a super soft french terry fabric that I picked up from Walmart for only $2. Since the fabric has some lycra in it, I decided to use the same fabric for the hood lining. In addition to your main fabric, you will need rib knit for the band, if you choose that option, as well as grommets and a drawstring. I used 1/4″ grommets for my hood and a 54-inch shoelace which I purchased from Amazon.

Cropped Knit Hoodie

Believe it or not, this just my second time making a hoodie. The one thing I love about a hoodie is the kangaroo pouch. It is such a convenient way for me to listen to my music while working. Unfortunately, this one does not have one. However, I love everything else about this pattern. There are not many pattern pieces. The instructions are very easy to follow, and from start to finish, it took roughly an hour to complete.

Page Hoodie


You wouldn’t believe how many times I have worn this cropped knit hoodie since making it. It pairs so well with my high waist leggings when going to the gym. I also through it on with a pair of high waist jeans. I have plans on making another before it gets to warm here to wair it. Also, if you have a little one, this pattern is also available in kids’ sizes. What is not to love!

DIY Cropped Knit Hoodie

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