Pull On Trousers

Perfect Pull on Trousers

I had the privilege of testing the perfect pull on trousers back in December. The chandler trouser by Untitled Thoughts is an elastic waist pant that looks amazing. This pattern features a pleated front or a darted front. Also, there is a short version, which is great for us who have a very short winter. With so many recommended fabrics the look of the pants is endless.

Pull On Trousers

Many people have a hard time finding a great pair of pants that fit well. So elastic waist pants are a great option as it allows for a much better fit in the waist. In addition to the elastic waist back, it has a nice flat front that would fool anyone into thinking it was a regular pair of trousers. More great features of the are the slash pockets, faux fly option, and optional belt loops.

Fabric Selection

I decided to make both the pleated front and the darted front because I was unsure of which fit I would like best. For the pleated front, I used linen in a natural color. The fabric is a Robert Kaufmann fabric from the Waterford collection and is 100% linen. After washing this fabric, I realized it was still very stiff. Unlike the other colors that I have from the same collection which soften tremendously after washing.

For the darted front pant I used a lighter weight crepe fabric. This fabric I picked up from Walmart. It was apart of their five yards for five dollars deals. It has been in my stash for a few months now. I knew using a lighter weight fabric would give the elastic waist trousers a different look, and that is exactly what I was going for.

Pull On Trousers - Chandler Pants


Like most pants patterns, I needed to make a few adjustments. The first adjustment was to shorten the front crotch by two inches. Although this is a high waist trouser, the finished length was ridiculously high on my body frame. Being 5’1″, so this is an adjustment that I normally make on my pants. In addition, I also reduced the back crotch by one inch. I was comfortable with the original back crotch length. However, I felt the two inch different was too noticeable along the waist seam. The last adjustment I made was to shorten the overall pant length by two inches.

Sewing these pants was a breeze. Each style took roughly an hour and a half to make. This included pressing along the way. In addition to the thread, I needed a small amount of interfacing for the front waistband and to line the pocket edges. Also, a small amount of two inch elastic is needed for the back waistband. The size needed will be determined by how you would like your pants to fit.

Overall Review

I highly recommend the chandler trousers. It is such a great pattern. A beginner sewist can easily tackle them with no issues. The pattern is versatile with a stylish front finish and functional with an elastic waist back. Be creative as you like with fabric, and you will have the perfect elastic waist pants for every day of the week.

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