Ankara Circle Skirt

Modern Ankara Fashion

Last week on Instagram, there was a great sewing challenge that highlighted Ankara fabric. Basically, showcasing the beautiful makes that were created in the sewing community using Ankara fabrics. Ankara fabric is also commonly known as African wax prints, Holland wax, and Dutch wax prints. The colorful vibrant prints are normally 100% cotton. Some fabric contains a waxy face front, while some do not. Modern Ankara fashion can be found everywhere. Overall, if you are looking for unique vibrant colorful prints, Ankara should be a fabric you should look into.

I must admit, I have a small mound of fabric in my stash that is just Ankara. The vibrant prints are just one thing about Ankara that I love. I also love the unique prints that cannot be found anywhere else. I have a few makes that I want to share to highlight how Ankara fabric can be used to create unique modern pieces in your wardrobe today.

Modern Ankara Dresses

Modern Ankara Fashion - Ankara skirt dress

My first make is an Ankara shirt dress. I made this with some Ankara fabric that was in my stash for well over five years. The beautiful red fabric is one of my favorite Ankara prints. This fabric has the waxy overlay.

Handkerchief Dress - Modern Ankara Fashion

This handkerchief dress was a huge hit. Not only is this some of the softest Ankara fabric I have ever come across, but the print is also gorgeous. If you are looking for a breezy cool dress for the summer months, this a great option. Yes, this dress has pockets! This will also look great as a jumpsuit.

Ankara Separtes

Ankara Top

Next is this super cute Ankara top. Although this print is very old now, it can still be purchased. There are many online retailers of Ankara that stock this print, in not only yellows but other colors featuring the same design.

Ankara Circle Skirt

The last make that I have to share with you is my Ankara circle skirt. Circle skirts are extremely popular today and are really easy to make. This Ankara fabric has a beautiful metallic gold print that stands out on the black background.

It is very easy to use Ankara fabric in your wardrobe today. Not only is the fabric really comfortable being 100% cotton, but the prints are also unique and add a splash of color. How will you use Ankara fabric in your wardrobe today?

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