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What is the perfect complement to this hot humid weather in New Orleans right now? A bucket hat! I recently tested the Pepper Street Bucket hat with Tie Dye Diva patterns. When I saw the announcement for the testing call, I knew all of my kids would love this pattern. Indeed I was correct. I made a hat for all three of my kids, although on two were willing to take photos.

Bucket Hat

Fabric Selection

The pepper street bucket hat is a family-friendly pattern. You can literally make one for every member of your family. The pattern is available in both kids and adult sizes. With such a small amount of fabric needed and pattern pieces, you will have this hat together in no time. All of my kids have different interests, so I searched for three different cotton fabrics.

For my oldest daughter, I used a 100% cotton fabric with a cute sponge bob design. For my middle daughter, I used cotton fabric with a nice lion design. I was actually able to find an exact match to my son’s cee’s tee shirt for his hat. It is also a 100% cotton fabric. I lined each hat with cotton fabric and interfaced both the lining and the face fabrics.

Construction Trucks Bucket Hat

Construction was a breeze. After interfacing each pattern piece, it took less than thirty minutes to sew up each hat. The instructions are really easy and very well written. There are also options for a head strap, color blocking, and cute eyelets to enhance the appearance of the bucket hat.

All of my kids love their bucket hats. My oldest daughter has received so many compliments about her unique SpongeBob hat. This is the perfect pattern to make your own unique bucket hat. With the endless amount of cotton solids, prints, and designs, you can have a bucket hat for every day of the week!

SpongeBob bucket Hat

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