Comfortable Pant Set -Simplicity 9051

Here is a comfortable pant set I will make many times. When I saw Simplicity 9051, I knew it would be a great basic pattern. Between the wide-leg pants and the comfortable loose-fitting tank top, this is a great staple pattern for cozy linen pant sets. For this make, I used a stretch cotton twill fabric that was gifted to me by Minerva. The fabric is very lightweight with a sheen to it.

Comfortable Pant Set

Simplicity 9051

When I look at patterns, I tend to view the line art on the back first. Being creative, I am always searching for a way to make an item unique to me. Simplicity 9051 has two options for a pullover top. There is a short sleeve version and a sleeveless option. In addition, the top has a keyhole opening in the front. The pair of pants is a pull-up pair with an elastic waist, side pockets, semi wide-legged, with an option of splits on the bottom. I made view A and C and added the tie. The only notions needed are thread and one inch elastic for the waistband casing.

Simplicity 9051

Sewing Simplicity 9051

This is a pretty easy and straightforward pattern to sew. I could sew the shirt in less than an hour. I used self-facing bias strips for the armhole and neckband. After trying the shirt on, I feel like the opening to the front of the shirt dips a bit low. Looking at it, I left it as it was. Due to how thin the fabric is, I did not want to take the seams apart, as I noticed it leaves hole marks very easily.

The pants have an elastic waistband with a casing. I love this style of the elastic waistband for a few reasons. First, I think they look better than elastic waistband pants without a casing. Second, I find this style much easier to make adjustments to. With pants, I always need to make some type of adjustments. With this pattern, there was no exception.

Comfortable Pant Set- Simplicity 9051

Pants Adjustments

As always, I measure the front and back rise on the pattern pieces before cutting into my fabric. Next, I measure my crotch length in the front and the back for accuracy. To my surprise, the back rise was actually fine, so it needs no adjustments. However, the front rise was two inches too long. I made the adjustments to the pattern piece prior to cutting into my fabric.

Sewing the pants is relatively simple and took me less than an hour to get the pants together and fitted. Once the fit was accurate, I serged the remaining seams and gave it a good press. When pressing this fabric, I highly recommend using a quality press cloth. One to protect the sheen on the fabric. Second, to avoid accidentally burning it as the fabric is very thin.

Final Overview

I love how simplicity 9051 came out with this lightweight stretch cotton twill fabric. The fabric is really soft against my skin and the pant set is really comfortable to wear. With only a few slight adjustments, the pants fit great. This is such a comfortable pant set, I will definitively wear this often. I am already planning a linen set for this pattern for this upcoming summer.

Janee Michal- Simplicity 9051

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