5 Simple Sustainable Living Tips

Sustainability is not as hard as you may think. We all won’t have the time to plant a tree, nor does everyone have to be vegan. It starts with everyday small actions that make the biggest impact. Here are 5 simple sustainable living tips you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Shop at your local farmers’ market.

Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a great way to support the local economy. Not only does it help support local farmers and their families, but it is also a great boost to your local community. Fruits and vegetables at local farmers’ markets tend to be organically grown without harmful pesticides. The fewer pesticides in the environment, the better. In addition, buying locally reduces the need for food to be transported miles to your stores. This will help to cut down on the pollution that is created from daily transportation.

Reusable Shopping Tote Bag

Use reusable shopping bags.

The amount of plastic bags being used is a tremendous problem for the environment. Using a reusable shopping bag is something very simple we all can do. Many of your local stores are selling them now. In addition, there are plenty of online sources to find quality reusable shopping bags. Look for bags with a sturdy bottom to support heavier items. Longer handles and roomy bags are another great feature to look for when purchasing reusable shopping bags. The more we all use reusable shopping bags, they will need less plastic bags in grocery stores.

Reusable drinking straws.

There are many reusable drinking straws on the market now. Plastic drinking straws are a huge contributor to plastic. With all the takeout and restaurants offering plastic drinking straws with your drink, there are millions of plastic straws produced. However, a great alternative is metal drinking straws. Metal straws can be reused and can eliminate tons of plastic that will either end up in a landfill or, unfortunately, in our oceans. This is a tiny step we can take that can lead to significant benefits for the environment in the future.


Whenever possible, recycle. I say when possible because I know there are cities that still do not offer recycling services. Recycling can lead to environmental sustainability, because it helps to reduce the amount of waste introduced into the environment, which leads to higher pollution levels and other environmental concerns. There are many things that you use which can be recycled, such as newspaper, boxes, cans, glass, and plastic bottles and containers. Reach out to your local officials if recycling is not available in your area.

Reduce energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption is much easier than you may think. Simple things as turning off all lights when you are not in the room. Unplugging small appliances that are not being used. Open your curtains and let natural sunlight into your home during the day instead of turning on lights. Take shorter showers when you can and reduce the amount of water when brushing your teeth or washing your hair. Catch rainwater to water your plants.

I hope to show you that sustainability is accessible to everyone. There are so many simple things we can all do that together will make a great impact on the planet. These simple sustainable living tips are just the start.