Janee Michal

A little bit about me. Hi, my name is Drea’. I absolutely love to express myself creatively. I am a wife, a mother of three, a seamstress, and an entrepreneur. I first experienced the love of sewing from my mother. I watched her make numerous garments for herself and for me and my sisters. At the age of twelve, she taught me how to sew, and I was hooked. I love spending time in fabric stores, reading, working out, singing ( not so well), listening to 90’s music, and cooking.

I started out making unique pieces for my barbie doll….she had to have exclusive outfits that no one else had. Faux fur coats, short mini skirts, and professional work dresses were the basics. I remember my first item that I sewn for myself… a plaid short with cuffs, side pockets, a front zipper and belt loops. When questioning my mom about the “not so easy” first pattern, she said, well you did it didn’t you. Indeed I did, and have been sewing ever since. I hope to inspire you with simple to not so simple pieces, easy and not so easy patterns, and tons of beautiful fabrics.