Sustainable Fabrics I use in Slow Fashion

One of the most important factors when designing products is finding the right fabrics. Not only is the design of the fabric very important, but the textile itself plays a huge role in the final product. The texture, amount of stretch, and the weight of the fabric can make or break how a dress will drape on your body. With the same respect, it will also affect how sturdy your tote bag or makeup bag will be. In addition to these factors, it is important for me to use the best sustainable fabrics I can find to ensure I produce not only a safe garment that will not have any toxic chemicals in them, but also the best quality to ensure the garment will last for many years. Here are my top 5 sustainable fabrics that I source when designing everything from organic hair scrunchies to organic lined makeup bags.


Linen is one of my favorite sustainable fabrics to use for clothes and facemask. It is a natural plant based fiber that is biodegradable. Linen is made from the reed of flax plant and is often combined with cotton to create a fully biodegradable and soft textile. It is eco friendly and does not require pesticides to grow. Linen is antibacterial and can inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.


They made hemp from the fibers of the cannibas sativa plant. It is extremely resistant to pest and do not require pesticides to thrive. Because of its resistance to pest, it produces significantly more fibers per acre compared to cotton of flax. You can use hemp fabric for a variety of products such as apparel, home furnishings, and shoes. Hemp is known to be extremely durable and one of the strongest fibers made today. This makes it an excellent fabric for outerwear and bags. This fabric blends very well with many fabrics which create a softer but strong textile.

Recycled Canvas

Another great eco friendly fabric I use is recycled canvas. The fabric I source from Spoonflower is 100% polyester and has 50% REPREVE. REPREVE high-quality recycled fiber that helps conserve energy and natural resources. 10 recycled bottles are used to create 1 yard of fabric. This will make a huge impact on the environment. With the texture and weight of the fabric, I love this fabric to create outdoor pillows.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular textiles used in fashion manufacturing. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and without genetically modified plants. Organically grown cotton has enormous impacts on the environment by using less water, less energy, and doesn’t damage the soil like conventional grown cotton. Organic cotton is my first choice when looking for sustainable fabrics. I like to use organic cotton in clothing, face mask, scrunchies, and lining of all of my makeup bags.

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