Sustainable Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are here! Not only are scrunchies popular, they are great for your hair. I added sustainable scrunchies to my line of products because I actually use them every day! One day I looked into the mirror and was noticing thinning around the edge of my hairline. Now I have very long locs, and my go to hairstyle is a ponytail. What else do you do with very long hair? The problem I ran into was how thick my hair was, and the limited options for ponytail holders. They make the average ponytail holder for thinner hair, and would often pop when I used them in my hair. Another problem I ran into was how tight some holders were in my hair. This was actually doing more harm to my hair by pulling my edges too tight.

The perfect solution to this dilemma is scrunchies. I started experimenting, making my own scrunchies, searching high and low for the best style, width and elastic length. After trial and error, I finally found the perfect size that works great not only for my really thick locs, but for all hair types. My scrunchies are very plush, and can hold thick hair well without being twisted, and hold thinner hair by being twisted twice. After several great feedback, I wanted to share my scrunchies for others who may experience similar issues with finding the best hair accessories for their ponytails.

Leopard Scrunchie Set

Organic Cotton Scrunchies

The hair scrunchies here at Janee Michal are sustainable and zero waste products. There is absolutely no fabric wasted when creating a hair scrunchie. I have a line of organic cotton knit and organic cotton sateen scrunchies. Both collections feature cute trendy designs, while maintaining no pesticides and eco friendly dying process of the fabrics. I construct each scrunchie with elastic, as opposed to the ponytail holders inside. Above is the leopard print collection made from organic cotton knit. Not only are these scrunchies super soft and won’t damage your hair, they are eco-friendly scrunchies

xl champagne satin scrunchies

Satin Scrunchies

I recently launched two new scrunchie collections. One very popular collection is the satin scrunchies available in two sizes. I made the large size scrunchies with a lightweight charmeuse satin. This fabric creates a very fluffy look and is very soft. I made the XL satin scrunchies with a beautiful bridal satin. This fabric is heavier than our charmeuse collection and has an exquisite sheen. Our satin scrunchies are not silk, and they harm no animals in producing the fabric. When designing this collection, I sought dead stock satin fabric remnants. Therefore, the collections are limited as most of the fabrics are not available for reorder.

xl hunter green velvet scrunchies

Velvet Scrunchies

Velvet scrunchies are the latest and last collection. I made these scrunchies with a lightweight stretch velvet. This is the fullest and fluffiest scrunchie available. It is nice and plush and available in gorgeous shades. This fabric is soft and also has a very nice sheen. While I mostly designed this collection for the colder months, they are super lightweight and can be worn year round. The image above features our hunter green XL velvet scrunchies.

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