Climate change is a major issue, and as a brand, we are taking a stand. We are a 100% carbon neutral brand. Our fight against climate change may be small, but every small act adds up. Why does this matter? Animals are going extinct because of the loss of their natural habitat. We are seeing natural disasters at faster rates, that are getting more intense every year.


Elephant Habitat - Carbon Neutral Brand


What does it mean to be a Net Zero website?

According to the NYTimes, the internet release as much CO2 as the aviation industry. Each year, one website releases several kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. How does this happen? When a website is used, data is transferred to and processed in remote servers. The electricity consumed by these servers and by our computers accounts for 2% of the world’s air pollution, as much as the airline industry!


Sloth - Carbon Neutral Brand

As a net zero website, we offset all of our usage by planting trees. Tree-Nation monitors our website usage, and plants trees to offset our CO2 emissions.

Join us on the fight to end deforestation and climate change. To learn more about our efforts and to see our progress, visit our forest today. For every item sold, we plant a tree on your behalf. Together, we are making a difference.