Giving back to Mother Earth with every product sold!

Janee Michal is a sustainable awareness and self care brand. Our mission is to fight climate change by reforestation. Together we will plant 1 million trees by spreading awareness to social and environmental causes. We do so by creating with the least amount of harm. I recognize no one will be 100% sustainable, and that is okay. The goal is not perfection, but persistence. With persistence, we are working towards a better world for not only today, but for future generations to come!

We are all connected. Not just to each other, but to all living things. Everyone and everything matters. Your life is valuable and has purpose, and so do the plants, trees, birds, and the bees. It is important to give back give whenever we can.

One way we are ensuring to give back to the world is by planting trees. I have partnered with Tree-Nation to not only become a net zero website, but also to support reforestation around the world.

Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025!

Planting trees for climate change

A tree planted for every item sold!

You can feel good about every purchase made here at Janee Michal. For each product we sell, we are planting a tree in a forest on your behalf. As of now, our trees are planted in Madagascar and Tanzania. Why plant trees? Planting trees help fight deforestation, help fight climate change, and supports local communities by generating positive economic impact on local populations. With every order you place, you will receive a separate email with the information of the trees that are gifted to you and planted on your behalf.

Eden reforestation Madagascar

Join us on the fight to end deforestation and climate change. To learn more about our efforts and to see our progress, visit our forest today.