About Janee Michal

Janee Michal is a slow fashion brand with a focus on ethical, sustainable clothing and accessories. I started Janee Michal to express two things that are very important to me. Sustainability and individualism. Being unique has always been a factor in my wardrobe. Nothing feels better to me than wearing a unique piece that no one will have. In recent years, I have learned so much more about zero waste and sustainability. It is so important that we all take a stand in protecting the environment, not just for today, but for future generations. Shop Janee Michal for sustainable products made from ethical and eco-friendly sources.



Ethical and Sustainable Responsibility

What does ethical and sustainable mean to Janee Michal? Being ethically responsible as a company, I am committed to ensuring that I create all products without harming people, animals, and the environment. When designing products, no animals are harmed. Animal skin and furs, wool, and down feathers are not a part of any products. I am committed to only working with suppliers who commit to our values as well. This means I source fabrics and supplies from companies that do not support child labor, unfair wages, and unfair working conditions. In addition, I am committed to only working with suppliers who stand by reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary chemicals and toxins in their products.

Sustainability is just as important. I am a big believer in slow fashion. Each product is handmade and created by me. I create most items once ordered, while I create a few in small batches. This helps to reduce inventory and overstock of fabric and products that might lead to unnecessary waste. Leftover fabric from major pieces is used to create secondary items. For example, remaining fabric from a reusable shopping tote is used to make planter baskets; remaining fabric from mask are used to make key chain wristlets. All of my packaging is 100% recycled and some are also reusable. It is not enough to talk the talk, but we must all walk the walk!


Leopard Print Hair Scrunchies

About Drea’

A little about me. Hi, my name is Drea’. Nothing feels better than being able to express myself creatively. I am a wife, a mother of three, a seamstress, and an entrepreneur. I have been sewing for over 30 years now. The love of sewing is something I first experienced from my mother. I watched her make many garments for herself and for me and my sisters. At twelve, she taught me how to sew, and I was hooked. I love spending time in fabric stores, reading, working out, singing (not so well), listening to 90’s music, and cooking.


Be Kind T Shirt

Sustainable Graphic T-Shirts

Organic and sustainable graphic t-shirts are available in a variety of prints. Beautiful statement pieces that are made from sustainable sources.

Coffee Scrunchie Collection

Luxury Satin Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies that are made from quality fabric. Level up your ponytail game with our thick luxury satin scrunchies..