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Graphic T shirts are insanely popular. From funny sayings to religious quotes, t-shirts have a way of resonating with many. They are great conversation starters. In addition, they are the perfect way to make a statement without saying a word.

My primary focus at Janee Michal is to be ethical and sustainable. It is our social responsibility, and I cannot emphasize enough how every little action builds into greater actions in the world. We are taking a stand and fighting climate change. For every item sold, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

Save the bees t shirt

For apparel, I researched some of the top t shirts company vendors. It is important to not only know what they make the shirt of, but how it is made. Are pesticides used to grow the cotton, are recycled materials used and how much? Knowing the complete supply chain led me to find some of the best shirts to offer my customers.

I now offer a great mix of shirts made with sustainable materials, Okeo Tex certified, made with nontoxic dyes, as well as some organic t-shirts, recycled t-shirts, and a mix of the two from other vendors. Here is a quick breakdown of the shirts used for my sustainable graphic tees.

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Say Yes to Recycled T shirts

One of the first recycled t shirts I fell in love with is from Next Level. They offer a line of organic t-shirts that are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Not only are these shirts recycled, they are super soft and comfortable.

They make each shirt with approximately 4 recycled plastic bottles. The great thing with this shirt is it is a heavier weight, durable, and is excellent quality. After washing the shirt, the color remains vibrant, and there is no shrinkage. These are available in a unisex fit, and come in limited colors.

Bella and Canvas is another great sustainable brand that offers recycled t-shirts. They offer an organic cotton shirt mixed with recycled polyester. Compared to Next Level tees, this shirt has a nice lightweight feel, and comes with a trendy heather finish.

They make each shirt with approximately 5 recycled plastic bottles. After several washings, there was no discoloration or shrinkage. This is another great unisex gender neutral shirt that anyone can wear.

Mental health matters t shirt

100% Organic t-shirts

Despite the demand for shirts made from 100% organic cotton, there are very few brands that offer organic t-shirts. After extensive research, I was able to find one brand that stood out. So when I came across Econscious organic t-shirts I had to test them out.

This shirt is a heavier quality shirt, with very rich vibrant colors. They made them from 100% certified organic cotton that is ring spun. The pros of this shirt is it is unisex, which provides a great gender neutral fit. The downside is because this is a new collection; it is only available in a few colors, most of them being neutral.

Sustainable T Shirts

The company that impresses me the most is Bella and Canvas. Like I mentioned above, they have a line of organic cotton recycled polyester blend t-shirts in a few colors. However, with their basic cotton shirts, they offer some of the most impressive colors overall. Trendy heather blends, endless cotton t-shirts, cropped hoodies, crewnecks, and more.

They are a well known sustainable company, which is popular for combed ring spun airlume cotton. To be honest, although their short sleeve tees are thinner than the others I mentioned, they really are some of the softest shirts I have worn. So if your preference is for a lighter weight tee, then Bella and Canvas are one of the best options for you.

The company states it combs out 2.5 times more impurities from its cotton than any other apparel brand in the industry. Their eco dye used 7 times less water than the average clothing manufacturer. They are estimating savings of 24 million gallons a week, with the water that they do use being filtered for reuse. As a sustainable brand, this caught my attention.

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If that isn’t convincing enough to support the brand, there is more. They are platinum WRAP certified. This means the company has proven to meet health and safety working conditions requirements, environment and eco friendly practices, operate safe and comfortable facilities, as well as stay in legal compliance with export and import customs. This is a company that is concerned with environmental impact and reducing their carbon footprint.

Whether you are looking for one t-shirt, or a set, rest assure that we are providing the highest quality sustainable graphic t-shirts that are on the market. Our graphic t-shirts come in minimalist designs that make a statement. However, the main goal is to make a louder statement to the world that sustainable fashion is also stylish and affordable. It is not enough to talk the talk, after all there is no planet B!

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