Welcome 2021 with New Plans

Hi everyone, and welcome 2021! I know it has been a while since my last post. Let’s just say, 2020 was quite a year. While many plans that I had made for the first of the year were great, I was unable to complete many of them. It was quite an adjustment for everyone I am sure. The pandemic hit very quickly, and my life changed just as quickly. The new normal for me was juggling two businesses, homeschooling two kids, being a wife, and trying to stay sane.

Not all was bad for me. I did start a new business from my brand Janee Michal, which has been very successful so far. I am learning so much from homeschooling my children and am actually debating on continuing homeschooling after all of the chaos calms down. Another thing I learned was how important movement was in my life. Although I have been lucky so far not to have come into contact with COVID, I have had some other health setbacks. One thing I can say is it has all been quite a learning experience. And as usual, I always search for a positive in any situation.

Welcome 2021

Moving forward, I have my sites set on some pretty ambitious plans. Some I will keep to myself, and others I will share along the way. One that I am pretty excited to talk about now is my new sewing plans for 2021. The first challenge I am participating in is the oh sew active sewing challenge that is in partnership with Mood fabrics. For participating you will receive a discount on your athletic wear fabric if you purchase from Mood fabrics. In addition, there will be free patterns you can download starting on January 15th.

I am looking forward to this challenge, as I have never made any activewear before. Well, I am not sure if joggers and a hoodie count! It will be nice to step out of my comfort zone of dresses and skirts and make a pair of leggings and a sports bra. With the outrageous prices of some activewear, this is a great skill to perfect.

In addition to this challenge, I am excited to be a part of the Minerva maker’s team. They have a brand new website and it is a great sewing community to belong to. There are several makes I have in collaboration with Minerva, and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you have time, stop over at Minerva and check out my blogs, along with so many other talented makers.

Last, my goal this year is to focus on really sewing from my stash. I have accumulated so much beautiful fabric that I have held onto for fear of cutting into it. One thing this pandemic has taught us all is that nothing is guaranteed, and to live your life NOW. That is just what I plan on doing. I am sure you will all join me and welcome 2021!

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