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Hello and welcome to my sewing blog. This blog is all about sewing, sewing tips, fabric, patterns mixed with a bit of health and lifestyle. In my life, my aim is to live as naturally and intentionally as possible. The approach I have adopted when it comes to life is to work hard but also have fun, laugh, and connect whenever possible. Most importantly, never forget to make time for self-care.

Sewing Blog

About Me

My name is Andrea, but everyone tends to call me Drea’. I learned how to sew at the age of twelve. My mother, who made numerous outfits for herself as well as me and my two sisters was my biggest inspiration. Instantly I fell in love with sewing. I started out making barbie doll clothes, then upgraded to my own clothing. It was not long before I was hooked. I made all of my dresses for school dances and loved being in original unique outfits.

Both of my grandmothers sewed as well. My mother’s mom was one of the first people who actually paid me to sew clothes. She also taught me how to crochet. Well, I know the basics of crochet and have started making a blanket. I will definitely post pictures of this when it is finished. My father’s mom sewed clothes for herself and made quilts. I have one of her quilts on my bed today.

Beginning of My Sewing Journey

While my older sister was watching television, I spent most of my spare time listening to the radio and on my sewing machine. I can remember my dad coming into the room one day asking me was I going to take a break from the sweatshop. Going to fabric stores opened up my creativity. I was soon able to spot a piece of fabric and picture the garment in my mind. My dad told me I should go to a fashion design school when I graduated high school, but the thought of being so far away from home didn’t appeal to me.

I went to college and studied accounting. Although I was exceptionally well at it I decided to take a job before finishing school. In the days, I worked in the accounting field, and went to school at night….however I started to notice my interest in accounting was dying. While the instructor was teaching Auditing I was sketching pantsuits in my notebook. I am more than sure this was sign that I was going in the wrong direction.

Life Now

Fast forward to being married, three kids later, and about 40 lbs heavier, I soon became frustrated with finding clothes that fit. Being 5’1″ and curvy doesn’t give you as many clothing options as you may think. I have decided to get back to my first love and start sewing again. There is no need to let retailers determine how and what I can wear, and nothing irritates me more than seeing someone with the same outfit that I have on.

Come journey with me as I get back into fabric stores, and find my creative unique looks. Along with my sewing blog, I also share a ton of inspiration on my Pinterest. One of my biggest goals is to learn all about indie pattern designers. I will be researching as many indie pattern designers as I can, and will try at least one pattern from each that I find to really be size-inclusive. Pattern testing and reviews will also be shared here. Also, I am excited to source as many fabric stores both locally and online. And as always, I will give my honest opinion of it all.

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