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Fabric Face Mask

Fabric Face Mask

This is a very difficult time for many people right now. There is a worldwide pandemic caused by a coronavirus outbreak. Many people are being asked to stay home as much as possible, other than to go out and purchase essentials or to exercise and get fresh air. Most importantly, while you are out in public, you need to maintain a six feet distance from others. With such social distancing requirements, many people are wearing a fabric face mask while in public to help keep the spread of the virus under control.

Fabric Face Mask

I was asked to make a few fabric face masks for my niece and some of her coworkers. Of course, I agreed. With such a large demand for facemask around the world, there is a huge shortage of supplies. So many sewists from around the world are creating fabric face mask. These masks are in no way a substitute for a medical N95 grade face mask. However, it will help you to keep your hands out of your face. Some mask is even made with a pocket so you can insert a filter inside.

Pleated or Flat Face Mask

Due to the large demand with many stores requiring you to wear a face mask to enter the store, I have started to make a few. Here are some of the face masks I have made. They are offered in adult, and child sizes. You have the option of the pleated mask or the flat mask. The flat mask has a pocket for a filter. The elastic is a soft 1/8″ or 1/4″ depending on the mask you select. There is also the option of having the elastic go around your ears or your head. If you are interested in one of these fabric face masks, you can check them out in my store or contact me directly here. Please, everyone, be safe and know that this too shall pass.

Fabric Face Mask

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3 thoughts on “Fabric Face Mask

  1. Cory says:

    How much for the flat Saints mask and can I pick it up

  2. Olivia Valdez says:

    Can the new Orleans saints mask be Purchase. If so I would like to purchase some.

    1. Janee says:

      Hi, yes they can be purchased. If you would still like one please send a message through the contact page, and I will give you all of the information.Thanks!

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