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Toddler and Kids Face Mask

Kids Face Mask

With the global pandemic still lingering around, people are starting to learn to live in a ‘new world’. There are many restrictions being enforced in different cities in order to reduce the spread of the Covid virus from spreading. Fabric face masks are being used to help reduce the time people touch their faces. They are also helpful to keep sneezes and coughs from traveling as far if a mask was not worn. As adults, we understand the need for this protection. However, getting your kids to understand this may be a bit difficult. With school right around the corner, kids face mask will be required in many states.

Kids Face Mask

There are many face masks on the market right now. Anyone who has kids knows how difficult it is to not only find a face mask that will fit your child’s face, but also one that your child will want to keep on. I myself have three kids, two being younger kids. To address the need, I created a cute line of toddler and kids’ face mask. All of the masks are made in cute kid-friendly designs and appeal to kids of all ages. There are some cute princess and unicorn designs for girls, as well as cars, monster trucks and superheroes for boys.

Spiderman and Batman Face Mask

Design and Comfort

I designed this line with my five-year-old in mind. To make a mask that he would not only want to wear but comfortable enough for him to want to keep it on. Each mask is made with two layers of breathable 100% cotton fabric. The lining fabric is made with certified organic cotton. This is important because it is the layer that will be against your face. No pesticides were used in harvesting the cotton for the lining. The fabric is prewashed in free and clear fragrance-free detergent. The mask is washable, reusable, and has adjustable elastic and an optional nose wire to get the best possible fit. In addition, there is a filter pocket if you would like to add a filter for even more protection.

Princess and Unicorn Fabric Mask

These are just a few samples of the kid’s face mask that are available. I add different colorful prints as some of the older prints sell out. If you are interested in purchasing any of the kids fabric face masks, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you. The kid’s face mask can also be purchased directly from my Etsy store.

Paw Patrol Face Mask
Cars and Monster Truck Face Mask
Aristocrats and Princess Face Mask
Spiderman Kids Face Mask

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