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Upcycled Scrunchies

When I created my line of sustainable scrunchies, I knew I could find better materials and create environmentally friendly hair ties. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing ponytail holders, I make them from eco friendly materials. In addition, they are perfect for all hair types.

No matter if you have long hair that needs thicker bands, or fine hair with fragile strands that need care, we have a line of plastic free hair ties that are free from harmful substances.

dusty rose hair ties

Why traditional hair ties are not eco-friendly?

You may ask, what is the benefit is selling sustainable hair accessories? Most traditional hair ties, while nice in appearance, are made from synthetic materials that contain toxins.

Over time, constant exposure to toxic chemicals such as petroleum-based materials can cause severe damage. Everything from skin rashes to cancer has been linked to toxin exposure.

There is also a lot of damage to the environment with traditional techniques. 3 percent of water usage is used to grow conventional cotton. Organic cotton can use up to 91 percent of the water used to grow conventional cotton.

Organic Cotton Fabric

Eco friendly hair ties.

There are many brands making eco friendly hair ties, so the options are expanding. You can choose from plastic free scrunchies, organic hair ties, sustainably hand sewn headbands. In addition, smaller slow fashion brands are filling the gap with sustainable hair tie options.

Are scrunchies eco-friendly?

One of the natural materials I source is GOTS certified organic cotton. I have a full line of organic cotton scrunchies in colorful prints and patterns. In addition, I like to source recycled polyester and recycled cotton.

Dyes that are full of toxins are used in most conventional hair ties. While they have beautiful radiant colors, this really is unnecessary. There are many sources of natural dyes. A very popular method is vegetable dyeing.

organic scrunchies - organic hair ties

What material is best for hair ties?

If you are looking to purchase eco friendly hair ties, always pay attention to the material it is made from. Some of the best materials are organic cotton, softer satin, and softer materials like velvet. It is an added bonus if it is made with natural rubber instead of traditional elastic.

black monochromatic velvet scrunchie set

Are there biodegradable hair ties?

What is the importance of biodegradable hair ties? As you know, there is a tremendous amount that enters our wastelands every year. With the right sustainable materials, the hair ties will break down naturally over time.

One feature of biodegradable hair ties is the elastic inside is made from natural rubber. Natural rubber is made from a latex substance that is found in Amazon rubber trees called Hevea Brasiliensis. This allows the organic hair ties to break down naturally when it is disposed.

Upcycled Scrunchies

Zero Waste Hair Ties

The traditional manufacturing process usually equals a ton of textile waste. They produce excessive amounts of products, which may seem fine at first. The problem comes in when sales are not as expected and all the items do not sell. This creates a ton of waste that usually ends up in landfills.

One of the eco friendly alternatives is the zero waste scrunchie. I have a line of upcycled scrunchies that are made from fabric that would have been thrown away. Every inch of fabric is used when making scrunchie hair ties, resulting in a thick fluffy appearance.

As a slow fashion brand, all of our hair ties are made in small batches. This helps to reduce textile waste.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Sustainable Alternative Packaging

When it comes to shipping packaging, sustainability is a must. I use 100% recycled poly bags that are also reusable. In addition, all of our inner packaging is recycled. Everything from the plastic free glassine bags to the thank you stickers.

Our business cards, and scrunchie tags, are made from recycled Kraft card stock. It is important as a brand to be aware of our carbon footprint.

Ethically Made Hair Ties

Another major problem with traditional hair ties is the manufacturing conditions. Most factory workers are working in small spaces, and paid ridiculously low wages.

All of our hair ties are hand sewn in small batches. Furthermore, we do not work with any vendors that support unfair and unethical working conditions.

Environmental Impact

It’s not enough to just offer organic hair ties, we also give back. For every item sold, we plant a tree on your behalf. This is an effort to end deforestation and reduce carbon offsetting.

I hope to inspire you in your zero waste lifestyle. There are many things we all can do that will make a difference to the planet. Trying to live plastic free whenever possible, watching our carbon footprint, and sharing what we learn will all make a huge impact on mother earth.

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