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Sustainable Zero Waste Hair Scrunchies

Boho organic scrunchie set

Hair scrunchies are here! Not only are they popular, they are also great for your hair. I added sustainable hair scrunchies to my line of products because I actually use them every day! They are a functional accessory that I rely on daily.

One day I looked into the mirror and was noticing thinning around the edge of my hairline. No one really wants thin hair, especially around your hairline. Now I have very long locs, and my go to hairstyle is a ponytail. What else do you do with very long hair?

The problem I ran into was how thick my hair was, and the limited options for ponytail holders. They make the average ponytail holder, hair ties, or hair bands for thinner hair, and would often pop when I used them in my hair. Rubber bands and other elastic hair tie would only tangle my hair.

Another problem I ran into was how tight some holders were in my hair. This was actually doing more harm to my hair by pulling my edges too tight. I needed a solution for all hair types, not just mine.

The perfect solution to this dilemma is scrunchies. I started experimenting, making my own hair accessories, searching high and low for the best style, width and elastic length. After trial and error, I finally found the perfect size that works great not only for my really thick locs, but for all hair types. Whether you have curly hair, long hair, or just looking for a way to style that messy bun, this is a functional and stylish solution.

My scrunchies are very plush, and can hold thick hair well without being twisted, and hold thinner hair by being twisted twice. After several great feedback, I wanted to share my scrunchies for others who may experience similar issues with finding the best hair accessories for their ponytails. I have designed three lines: satin, velvet, and organic cotton.

Leopard Scrunchie Set

Organic Cotton Scrunchies

The hair scrunchies here at Janee Michal are not only sustainable, they are also zero waste products. There is absolutely no fabric wasted when creating them, as we use every inch of the fabric to create them. My line of organic cotton scrunchies, have both a 100% organic cotton knit and organic cotton sateen option.

Both collections feature cute trendy designs, while maintaining no pesticides and eco friendly dying process of the fabrics. Okeo tex certified cotton with non-toxic dyes is used for this line. I construct each scrunchie with elastic, as opposed to the ponytail holders inside.

Above is the leopard print collection made from organic cotton knit. Not only are they super soft and won’t damage your hair, they are eco-friendly scrunchies. I also have a boho collection which is made with organic cotton knit. They are beautiful earth tone colors.

xl champagne satin scrunchies

Satin Scrunchies

In addition to my organic cotton collection, I offer two satin collections. Each collection is available in two sizes. I made the large size satin scrunchies with a lightweight charmeuse fabric. I made the XL satin scrunchies with a beautiful bridal satin.

My large size collection is made charmeuse which produces a very fluffy look. They are extremely soft and lightweight. The Xl collection is made with a heavier bridal satin, and has a firm finish. The colors are very vibrant, rich jewel tones, and have an exquisite sheen.

People often ask if I will offer mulberry silk scrunchies.Our satin scrunchies do not contain any silk. Unlike silk fabric that is made by boiling silk worms alive, I use satin, which is a man made animal free fabric. Some people often refer to satin as vegan silk because of this.

When designing this collection, I sought dead stock satin fabric remnants. Therefore, some of the collections are limited, as some fabrics are not available for reorder.

xl hunter green velvet scrunchies

Velvet Scrunchies

Velvet scrunchies are the latest and last collection I released. I made these scrunchies with a lightweight stretch velvet. This is the fullest and fluffiest scrunchie available. It is nice and plush and available in gorgeous shades.

This fabric is soft and also has a very nice sheen. While I mostly designed this collection for the colder months, they are super lightweight and can be worn year round. The image above features our hunter green XL velvet scrunchies.

A few sets have been created that are great sellers. I have a monochromatic set with black and grey, a holiday set with red and hunter green, and Valentine’s day scrunchie set in red and pink. Because of the popularity, they sell out frequently. The great news is I restock them every year.

Upcycled Scrunchies

I am excited about my new upcycled scrunchie collection. What a great way to reuse and recycle unwanted garments. I started making some hair accessories out of my older unwanted garments that I could no longer fit. I would donate all the best garments to my local veterans pick up. With the remainders, I started making a few hair ties for me to wear around the house.

I received so many compliments; I decided to embrace this with a new collection. Now, when I am thrift shopping, I pick up a few eye-catching prints in softer fabrics that would be suitable for scrunchies. All the fabrics are washed and sanitized. I make every effort to find cottons, rayons, or satins. With this collection, it is extremely limited, and no two scrunchies are guaranteed to be alike.

Eco Friendly Hair Ties

All of my hair scrunchies are handmade here in the USA. I ensure the manufacturing process is ethical at all times. I source fabric that has natural dyeing sources that are nontoxic. In addition, they are completely plastic free.

I am constantly sourcing new fabrics from sustainable fabric vendors to add to my collections.You can feel confident when buying our scrunchies that you are supporting a brand that has high ethical standards. If you love scrunchies as much as I do, be sure to visit our scrunchie sets, as they are bundled together at a discounted price.

For more information on our scrunchies, check out our frequently asked scrunchie questions to learn more.

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