Ankara Circle Skirt

I made this amazing Ankara circle skirt. This was my first time testing for Sewing For Your Life. This indie company is located in Austria. Isn’t great how you can connect with people all over the world! The circle skirt comes in a few options. There is the double circle skirt, circle skirt, and the half circle skirt. In addition, there are also eight waistband options as well as shoulder straps.

Ankara Circle Skirt

Fabric Selection

I decided on making the circle skirt with a waistband option, and no shoulder straps. I decided to look through my stash to see what fabric could bring this pattern to life. Ankara fabric has such vibrant colors and unique patterns, I went straight to this section of my stash. This gorgeous Ankara fabric caught my eye. This fabric has been in my stash for a few years now. So long now, that I do not even remember where I purchased it from. The metallic gold is absolutely stunning against the black background. Normally I pre-wash fabric, but I was afraid of losing the metallic sheen, so I have decided to dry clean this skirt.

Ankara Circle Skirt

Now if you ever made a circle skirt, you know the calculations can be a pain. I simply love how well this skirt fit, with minimal adjustments. All I needed to do was measure my waist and the pattern fit perfectly. The only adjustment I did make was to shorten skirt by one and a half inch to accomodate my height of 5’1″. I opted for the waistband with the cut out in the front. In addition to this one, there are seven other waistbands styles to chose from if this one does not work for you.

Overall Review

Janee Michal Ankara Skirt

It was a breeze sewing the skirt. With only three pattern pieces, I could not complain. There is the main skirt pattern which is cut twice, one on the fold and the other on the salvage. In addition, you have a pocket and then which ever waistband you select. The skirt was made up in less than an hour. To get the perfect hem, I used bias tape. Sewing bias tape along the hem of the skirt comes out so much nicer than trying to double fold the bottom of a circle skirt.

Ankara Skirt
Janee Michal
Ankara Circle Skirt

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