Comfy Knit Cardigan

Once again, I tested for Sonia Estep Designs. This time I tested the Juliette cardigan. Who doesn’t love a comfortable cardigan? Well, I love cardigans, but can never find what I am looking for in the store. The last cardigan I purchased was a complete disappointment, and from that day I was determined to make my own comfy knit cardigan.

Comfy Knit Cardigan

Within a few weeks, I was invited and accepted to test the Juliette cardigan. It is a very easy pattern to sew. It is a knit cardigan that can be made at three different lengths, short, midi, and duster length. Also, it has two sleeve options, 3/4 sleeves as well as long sleeve. I opted to make the midi long sleeve version.

Juliette Cardigan

Fabric Selection

I used a lightweight jersey knit that I picked up from Hobby Lobby a few months back. I also made the same version out of some Liverpool knit fabric that I had in my stash. In comparison, the Liverpool knit version of the cardigan is more structured and will keep you warmer. The lightweight jersey knit has a less structured appearance, but is super comfortable, and by far is my favorite out of the two.

The pattern is easy and a beginner can easily tackle this project. It has four pattern pieces. There is a front, back, pocket, and facing. Once the pocket is sewn on, you can finish the entire garment using a serger machine. Construction took me less than an hour from start to finish.

Comfy Knit Cardigan

Overall Review

If you are comfortable with sewing knits, then sewing the Juliette cardigan will be a breeze. If you are unsure about sewing knits, this is a great pattern to start with. There are minimal pattern pieces, and no advanced sewing techniques are needed to complete the pattern. I love this super comfy knit cardigan. I wear it frequently when running errands, and sometimes I throw it on around the house when I am working.

Comfy Knit Cardigan

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