Date Night Jumpsuit – McCall’s 8047

I honestly do not own many jumpsuits. In fact, there is only one jumpsuit that I bought in my life that I somewhat like. It is a black sleeveless jumpsuit. The fit is perfect for my body, however; I don’t always like the strapless look. So when I received this beautiful scuba knit fabric from Minerva, I knew I wanted to make a more formal jumpsuit. One with some form of sleeves. The drape and weight of this fabric made it perfect for a more formal jumpsuit. This scuba knit is thick with a decent amount of stretch and extremely comfortable.

McCall's 8047

McCall’s 8047 Pattern Review

McCall’s 8047 is a pattern with a few cute variations. It has three top options, strapless, off the shoulders, and a wrap front and back bodice. In addition, there are 3 bottom options, full-leg shorts, pants, and elastic leg pants. With so many top and bottom options, you can create quite a few looks with this one pattern. I decided to make the wrap front and back bodice with the full-leg pants I also added the optional sash.

The pattern is beginner-friendly, with very few pieces to work with. The top has two pieces as well as the bottom. With the optional sash, there are a total of 5 pattern pieces that are required to create this look. In addition, I used 3/8′ elastic for the sleeves. Being a pullover jumpsuit, it required no zipper, making this even easier to construct for a beginner.


I made slight adjustments to the pattern. I reduced the front crotch by 2 inches and added 2 inches to the back crotch. I did not think about this until I was finished with the jumpsuit, but in the future I would love to add side pockets. This is a quick and easy make, which took me roughly 45 minutes from cutting the fabric to completing the sewing.

Date Night Jumpsuit - McCall's 8047

Overall, I really like this pattern. It is very simple to make and does not require a lot of fabric. I also love that there are no zippers are buttons to deal with. The fabric made this a nice formal jumpsuit that I am looking forward to wearing out. However, by simply using a more casual flowy fabric, you can create a nice daytime jumpsuit that is suitable for anything from running errands to family time at the park.

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