Self Drafted Maxi Dress for Mother’s Day

I took part in another sewing challenge on Instagram. The #sewmaxiformothersday sewing challenge has been hosted for I believe three years now. The first year it started, I actually finished my maxi dress. However, it took me so long to finally take photos in the dress that the challenge had ended. The last year was just not a very productive year for me as I was swamped with work, homeschooling, and other chaotic changes due to the global pandemic. So, I am very happy to have taken part this year, and could get my photos done in time to post on the last day of the sewing challenge.

Self drafted maxi dress

My entry for the challenge was a self drafted maxi dress. I absolutely love maxi dresses and have purchased quite a few. However, I normally have one issue or another with them. The fit is never right for my body frame. Most maxi dresses are either dragging the ground or don’t fit properly, being too loose or too tight under the arms. So I decided to try my hands at self drafting a dress that would suit me.

Self Drafted Dress Details

I made the dress in two parts, a bodice, and the skirt, instead of one long dress. For the bodice, I cut it about four inches above the traditional waistline, known as an empress waist. I choose this style for two reasons. One it is flattering on people with a larger waist, or tummy, as the seam is above the natural waistline. The second reason is because of the higher waistline, the skirt is longer, which gives the illusion of height. All of which I appreciate with my 5’1″ frame curvy frame. The arm and neck are both finished with a slim band.

Self Drafted Maxi Dress

For the fabric, I picked up a cute abstract print from Joann’s Fabric. It is a jersey knit blend with a decent amount of stretch. The colors are nice and bold and work perfectly for a maxi dress. I sewed the entire dress on my serger and I finished the hem with my cover stitch machine. I could not be happier with the way the dress turned out. It so comfortable and the length is perfect for me. I am glad I decided to step out and attempt to make a self drafted maxi dress, as it will now be a staple dress for me for the summer. This dress can be worn casually or dressed up with a jacket or duster for an entirely different look.

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